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Printed pens and writing instruments are one of the top five most popular low cost categories of promotional products today. Useful, economical and practical, personalised pens makes perfect business gifts, providing an ideal opportunity to put your company logo and contact details in the public eye. People frequently beg, borrow or steal a printed pen. It is estimated a pen will be used by up to fifty different people. A statistic to guarantee your company will not be quickly forgotten!

I can obtain most things within the business gift trade. If not, I probably know a man who can. Give me a call now to set up a meeting.

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Quality Pens and Pencils

The quality pens and pencils illustrated come from a wide selection with a long life. Parker style German made safety ceramic or cross style. Black ink refills. (Pens boxed if necessary). Your logo can be laser engraved. Ideal for solicitors, estate agents or Rolls Royce dealers, etc. to hand to the customer when he or she signs up that multi thousand or million pound deal!

Plastic Low Cost Pens

For that high volume low cost hand out plastic pens from as little as 12p.

Rulers, Data Discs & Calculators

Last but possibly most important for the precision engineering, surveying, building and medical professions.